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“The most important part of the help I received from College Connections was for my interview at UCSD Medical Scholars Program. After all that practice, I felt totally at ease during my interview and got accepted to the program! The application committee would not have seen my strengths without College Connections helping with my essays and interviews. It has meant so much to me.”
Theresa, UCSD, Medical scholars Program

Athletic Recruitment Counseling Services


Athletic Recruitment Counseling ServicesThe College Connections athletic advisement program assists families in building individual plans for athletic recruitment. We strive to find the right academic and athletic fit for each student.

There are thousands of athletes who are not recruited but have the talent to play their sport at the college level. If you are not recognized on a national level, college recruiters generally do not know you exist. We can show you how to self promote and create visibility to reach your college dreams!

Our experienced college athletic advisors can help students go from being an undiscovered athlete to a viable college recruiting prospect. Our approach with families is collaborative and informative. Through detailed family college advising, College Connections provides the following comprehensive services:


  • Collaborate with families in developing a detailed action plan
  • Develop a detailed athletic profile and individualized contact list
  • Implement specific targets and detailed timelines
  • Clearly explained NCAA Rules and the NCAA Clearinghouse Procedure
  • Review camps, clubs, showcases, tournaments, combines and/or junior teams
  • Thorough evaluations of college coaches and their individual athletic programs
  • Athletic college visit planning (official/unofficial visits)
  • Develop effective communication skills with college coaches
  • Discussion on value of recruiting videos and where they are appropriate
  • Secure additional coaching that may be needed, given that the student athlete has the motivation and ability to improve
  • Athletic scholarships and financial aid guidance
  • Help deciding which offer is best for you!


Recruiting Videos

Athletic-RecruitmentIt is crucial that college recruiters be able to see student athletes compete.

If coaches can not see students participate in their sport, the chances of receiving offers will decrease considerably. The challenges student athletes often face is that athletic recruiters cannot always attend events and recruiters see hundreds of athletes. How will recruiters remember you? The recruiting video is the most valuable recruiting instrument that a student athlete can have. Although coaches may not always be able to see students compete in person, scholarship offers can be generated solely from a well-produced recruiting video. In order to make an impact, videos must be filmed and edited properly.



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