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“The most important part of the help I received from College Connections was for my interview at UCSD Medical Scholars Program. After all that practice, I felt totally at ease during my interview and got accepted to the program! The application committee would not have seen my strengths without College Connections helping with my essays and interviews. It has meant so much to me.”
Theresa, UCSD, Medical scholars Program

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Career and AssessmentMany students begin college unsure about what their intended major will be or change their major while in college. In either case, taking courses that don’t fall into a proper sequence leading to a specific major can often result in taking more than four years to complete a bachelor’s degree. This can translate into considerable additional expense.


How the College Connections Career and Assessment Program Works:


Step 1) Sign up online and provide your contact information
Step 2) Easy to follow instructions are emailed to you
Step 3) Take an online assessment at your own pace
Step 4) Receive your personalized, detailed report
Step 5) Set up an appointment with a College Connections Licensed

Career Counselor for a professional evaluation of your results. Get a clear interpretation of your results as well as suggested recommendations.


The instruments available through College Connections Assessment Services can pinpoint your strengths and interests. Our licensed career counselors provide college advice and recommend specific academic and extracurricular college programs, thereby helping you focus on exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals


  • Pay less tuition by graduating college on time
  • Have clear goals while in college
  • Be professionally evaluated using nationally acclaimed assessment tools
  • Make your "major" decision about college

A full range of nationally recognized and acclaimed assessment instruments along with a professional evaluation is available. Purchase online now.



Assessment Options


The Myers- Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI)


  • The world’s most trusted personality assessment
  • Much more than just a product, the Myers-Briggs® (MBTI®) assessment is a powerfully versatile solution that has helped millions of people around the world better understand themselves and how they interact with others
  • Knowing your personality type can assure you of making the right college matches
  • This tool also helps organizations of all sizes address their needs, from team building, leadership and coaching, and conflict management to career development and retention

Strong Interest Inventory


  • Helps students find satisfying college majors and careers where they develop passion
  • Choosing a career can feel like a monumental decision. At the same time, it can also feel like guesswork. The highly reliable Strong Interest Inventory® assessment helps students discover their interests, preferences, and personal style

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