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“The most important part of the help I received from College Connections was for my interview at UCSD Medical Scholars Program. After all that practice, I felt totally at ease during my interview and got accepted to the program! The application committee would not have seen my strengths without College Connections helping with my essays and interviews. It has meant so much to me.”
Theresa, UCSD, Medical scholars Program

College Financial Planning Strategies Can Help Save On College Expense!

We understand that funding education is no small task. Most families struggle with an affordable solution to getting a college degree. Unfortunately, too many families are given incorrect or incomplete information, or don't take the time to find out what tuition assistance measures are available. Yet financial planning, specifically for education, can lead to huge savings on college expenses.

With tuition costs today, College Planning is a necessity, not a luxury. You can save time, money and worry by working with a College Financial Consultant. We offer college planning in one hour sessions or in a financial package for ongoing tuition and college financial guidance.

There are various ways to reduce out of pocket expenses for college. Our recommendations of academic and financial strategies are based on your individual circumstance, as determined by your answers to our parent and student questionnaires.

Common questions include: How much does college cost? Will financial aid help? Will your student receive scholarship or grant money? You will get your questions answered, have a full understanding of the process, and come away with a strategy to follow. Regardless of whether you are a lower income, middle income or high income family, we can put you on the right track and simplify the college financing aid process
for you.

Start early. Your financial options are reduced the closer you get to college. Get informed to tackle the actions needed for success!


Financial Planning Steps:

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  • Spend one-on-one time with a Certified Financial Planner ™
  • Receive information detailing the aid you may receive
  • Learn what you can do to
    maximize the results!


  • Planning Timeline
  • College Statistics
  • Complete FAFSA
  • Register for and Complete the CSS/Profile
  • Complete Institutional Forms
  • Analysis Financial Aid Awards
  • Appeal Process
  • Scholarship Search


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